Equipping individuals by Career Coach


Our working life can often be the most fulfilling or most dreadful part of our lives. Many young people are uncertain which career to choose, with a rough estimation that approximately 70% of people choose the wrong career. Many people that have worked for years come to the realisation they have chosen the wrong career, with little opportunity to make a radical change but desiring a shift. This often happens around midlife.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone to guide and direct your steps to choose right from the beginning or offer options to make a shift in your career to more fulfilment? A career coach can typically make that happen.  My services as a career coach include:

  • Career assessment to identify the ideal job based on your personality, abilities and interests.
  • Assistance with the drawing up of your curriculum vitae to aim it at the position you are applying for.
  • Preparing you for an interview.
  • Advice on how to market yourself in the workplace, in order to receive more recognition and promotion.
  • Advice on preparation for an advanced position.
  • Advice on how to navigate workplace politics.
  • Advice on how to learn about the unspoken rules in the workplace that could either advance or hurt your career, depending on how you handle it.

If you feel you could benefit from this contact me today. Remember the first consultation is always free!



The Four Biggest Mistakes I made in the Corporate world

May 28, 2016 | Articles

When I started to research the subject of career coaching I came to the realisation I have made many of the mistakes executive coaches caution about. I gave it some thought and came up with the four biggest mistakes I made, which you could learn from. 1. I raised the bar and made it look easy. I took over the position of Legal Compliance manager at one of the leading retailers’ foods division from two previous Legal Compliance Managers. This meant I has to take responsibility for the relevant legislation covering ALL categories of...

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What makes a good Resume?

May 4, 2016 | Articles

A resume is a sales tool, not a work summary. Resume writing is a creative exercise that combines the skills of direct mail with the skills of a storyteller. You can be great at your job, but unless you are able to translate this into a resume that will grab attention, it won’t help much to secure interviews. The point of a resume is to get you an interview, not a job. A bad resume can make a good career look bad – please don’t allow this to happen. One way to gauge how serious you are about your career is how much work you are...

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Women and Money

Mar 6, 2016 | Articles

A woman’s relationship with money is as complex as all the other relationships in her life. A lot of women, stuck in old patterns of socialised behaviour and thinking, get in their own way of accumulating the wealth needed to live their lives richly – in all ways. Many of the characteristics that make women uniquely feminine are the very same behaviours that prevent them from becoming financially independent. In many ways the greatest gifts women bring to society are, ironically, the ones causing them to act in ways counter to their...

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